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We help our customers to get their personalized jewelry through our personalized jewelry service.

This jewelry will be based on your purpose. It will be unique and special for you. 

It will be a well-made one, which can last long, maybe longer than our lives.

It will be a gift for yourself and a gift that you can leave for the world even if the life is end. 


Here is the process:

Step 1. get a gemstone.

Before we start to design your jewelry, you need first tell us your creativity and have a gemstone which is suitable for your creativity.

If you don't have a suitable gemstone, you can buy from us or any other seller.  If you select gemstone from our store, it will speed up the sequential process since we have the gemstone in store and can start immediately.

After you get your gemstone, we will start the subsequent process as described in step 2.


Step 2.  contact us for jewelry design.

Contact us and send us the information of your gemstone and your expected design, we will assign a designer for you.

Once the designer confirms the feasibility of your expected jewelry, you pay the design fee.

The designer will discuss with you about the style details such as the way to inlay your gemstone, metal material, etc.

The designer starts to draft the design once he collects sufficient information.

The jewelry design usually can be done in several work days.

The designer will send you the design draft once it is done. 

If there are detail issues, just communicate with the designer and ask for modifications.


 Step 3.  deliver your gemstone to us.

If you decide to implement your design at our site, you need deliver your gemstone to us. 

You may purchase an insurance for the shipment if your gemstone is rare, expensive. 

Once we get your gemstone, we will check and take photos and ask you to confirm the gemstone and its condition.


 Step 4.  make your jewelry.

After we finish the evaluation of your gemstone, we will confirm details about the jewelry, e.g. the metal material, the size, color and number of accessory stones.

We will adjust the jewelry design according to the actual condition of your gemstone and other requirements.  

Once all details are confirmed, we will evaluate the making fee. Before we start the making process, you need pay at least 50% of evaluated making fee.  

We will start to make the jewelry once we receive your payment.

Its project schedule depends on the complexity of jewelry. 


Step 5.  Check the jewelry and deliver it to you

Once the jewelry is finished, we will check it first, and then notify you. 

A photo/video will send to you so that you can evaluate the jewelry. You can tell us if any concern.

Once the jewelry is confirmed, we will calculate actual cost including material fees, labor fees and others e.g. certificate fee if required.

You pay the difference between the actual cost and what has been paid to make up the balance. 

We will schedule a shipment after we get your payment.

Our service includes a free packing service and a free regular shipping service. 

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